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security clearance process
Our experts have over 15 years of experience initiating investigations, conducting investigations and final adjudication and can provide well-rounded insight into the process THE PROCESS
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How we can help?

Do you need help getting federal security clearance? At Security Clearance Advisors, LLC our goal is to enable our clients to navigate the security clearance process with confidence.

Our approach is to provide every client with a tailored one-on-one experience to answer all of your specific questions.

It is important to note the Standard Forms are an important starting point for your investigation. Completing them correctly is your opportunity to help getting security clearance swiftly and eliminate future headaches.

During your consultation we will:

  • Address all of your questions and unique life circumstances
  • Explain the entire federal security clearance process (i.e. application, investigation, and adjudication)
  • Explain any individual component of the process in full
  • Review any Standard Form (SF 85, SF 86, OF 306, etc.) to ensure full understanding and compliance
  • Explain why completing the forms correctly is so important
  • Prepare you for your in-person interview with DSS
  • Explain how and why to fully comply with the Federal Security Clearance process
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We provide fast response times to get you answers when you need them.


We tailor the process for your specific needs


We provide ethical and responsible information/assistance for all our clients.

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