Adjudicative Considerations

There are 13 guidelines used to determine security clearance eligibility:

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In evaluating information that pertains to any of the above an adjudicator considers the following:
  • The nature, extent and seriousness of the conduct
  • The circumstances surrounding the conduct
  • The frequency and recency of the conduct
  • The person’s age and maturity at the time
  • The extent the participation is/was voluntary
  • The presence or absence of rehabilitation and other permanent behavioral changes
  • The motivation for the conduct
  • The potential pressure, coercion, exploitation or duress
  • The likelihood of continuation or recurrence
Additionally, Adjudicators will consider the following about an employee or potential employee:  
  • If the information was voluntarily reported by the individual
  • Were they truthful and complete in responding to questions
  • Did they seek assistance and followed professional guidance, if applicable
  • Have they resolved or attempting to resolve a security concern
  • Have they demonstrated positive changes in behaviors


Never lie. Do not lie on the form(s). Do not lie when interviewed. Even about something that may seen inconsequential. Any event of intentional omission, material falsification or purposeful non-cooperation with a personnel security investigation and subsequent determination is a significant concern. This can result in your inability to obtain Federal employment or a security clearance in the future. Ever.

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