Emotional, mental, and personality disorders

(a) The concern: Emotional, mental, and personality disorders can cause a significant deficit in an individual’s psychological, social and occupation functioning. These disorders are of security concern because they may indicate a defect in judgment, reliability, or stability. A credentialed mental health professional (e.g., clinical psychologist or psychiatrist), employed by, acceptable to or approved by the government, should be utilized in evaluating potentially disqualifying and mitigating information fully and properly, and particularly for consultation with the individual’s mental health care provider.

(b) Conditions that could raise a security concern and may be disqualifying include: 

(1) An opinion by a credentialed mental health professional that the individual has a condition or treatment that may indicate a defect in judgment, reliability, or stability;

(2) Information that suggests that an individual has failed to follow appropriate medical advice relating to treatment of a condition, e.g., failure to take prescribed medication;

(3) A pattern of high-risk, irresponsible, aggressive, anti-social or emotionally unstable behavior;

(4) Information that suggests that the individual’s current behavior indicates a defect in his or her judgment or reliability.

Information retrieved from govifo.gov