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Here at Security Clearance Advisors, LLC we believe the best way to assist you is to be available and ready to address your security clearance related concerns. We do not limit the number of topics discussed or expect you to know what questions to ask about processes.


In our experience, a one-hour consulting session is just enough time to properly address your concerns, ensure you are well prepared and have a good understanding of how to fully comply with the security clearance process.

However, to best serve the needs of our clients we provide consulting sessions in 30-minute increments. Clients may request multiple consultations if preferred.

After a brief and complimentary discussion to ensure our services can properly assist you, we will make an appointment for a  consultation length of your preference.


In an effort to keep things simple here is our fee structure: 

A fee of $50.00 is charged for any portion of a one-half hour (30 minutes) consulting session.


All clients will have the opportunity to accept the terms of the consulting agreement before any assistance can be provided.

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Any form of marijuana use is consider illegal by the Federal government. It does not matter if the drug is legal in the state where you used the drug.

Types of Security Clearance

Many people know they need security clearance but are not sure about the different levels or types of security clearance. Public trust or lower-risk positions require a background check through the Standard form 85 (SF85) application process, but do not require clearance. Higher level security clearances can be obtained through the Standard Form 86 (SF86)

How Long Does SF 86 Take?

You may be looking for a job as a federal government contractor and required to obtain security clearance through the Standard Form 86 (SF 86) application process. You may wonder how long the SF 86 process take. The SF 86 is a lengthy questionnaire that you may need to fill out for national security positions

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